iPhone 6 Loudspeaker Replacement

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  • Each loudspeaker replacement has been tested and is in good condition before shipping.
  • This part is in stock, and will be ship the same day.
  • Life time warranty for every iPhone loudspeaker, 100% money back guaranty.
  • High-quality & precision fitting part.
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 models; A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA) and A1586.

iPhone 6 Loudspeaker Replacement

  • Shockingly, the iPhone 6 nor the iPhone 6 Plus has the hardware capability to play 24 bit/196 kHz audio stream. Even if they do not have that capability, it is not like you would hear any difference in the sound quality.
  • Same goes for the earpods which also have quite small speakers. Therefore, they are unable to produce that extreme detail you get with 24 bit audio stream.
  • This loudspeaker replacement, is definitely what you need if your loudspeaker is not working. In that case it must mean has to be replaced.
  • You may also need this part in case the bottom speaker sounds distorted. Each loudspeaker replacement has been tested by our team. And is guaranteed to be in great condition since before shipping it to you. And of course, guaranteed to arrive to you in perfect conditions as well.
  • This is obviously not an easy job for someone who has no technical experience. And we recommend professional installation.
  • So we advise that you only purchase this loudspeaker replacement, if you are qualified and know how to install it properly.

How Durable Is Your iPhone 6 Loudspeaker?

The iPhone is one of the strongest phones out there. But nonetheless even the iPhone can have issues like damage loudspeaker or even distorted sound.

So what can you do if the loudspeaker on your phone isn't working anymore? You may even think you don’t want your phone anymore, but trust us, that is not what experts recommend, when replacement parts like this one are at your reach.

Our team recommends that you try the iPhone 6 loudspeaker and not jump into wasting money by purchasing a new iPhone 6. Specially when it's an issue that can be fixed very easy.

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Frequently bought together

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