Must Have Cell Phone Repair Tool Kit

The idea of fixing your cell phone is intriguing. Imagine being able to fix your device, which would save you money and teach you a new skill. In addition to the standard rebooting or resetting to factory settings, you can replace the broken screen, the buttons on the sides of your device, or the sim card tray by cleaning and doing so.

You will need the 10 Must-Have tools for your cell phone tool kit before you start repairing your phone. So, this article will discuss 10 tools for your mobile phone repair kit. Let's get into the details.

Screwdriver Kit - Best Tool For Your Your Cell Phone Repair At Home

A special screwdriver/turnscrew is required for the disassembly process (it's the first step in beginning a repair). When repairing a phone, you must remove the pentalobe screws, which need a turnscrew.

One screwdriver is insufficient, though. Various sizes of screws are used for different cell phones. You need a complete set of turnscrews to ensure that you have screwdrivers in every size. So, you don't have to purchase a turnscrew from a supplier before beginning a repair if you have your screwdriver kit.

A mobile phone repair turnscrew kit helps you solve the problem of tightening the screws that are out of your reach. It often has a small, lightweight design. The package also includes a flexible shaft for navigating tight spaces and corners.

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Precision Knife Set

A Precision Knife Set is something that you will always require, whether you purchase new or used gadgets through your repair ticket management system.

Precision knife sets are high-quality, multifunctional repair tools that can be used for repairing phones and tablets. The set comes with sturdy metal handles and a choice of six different blades. These blades can remove the device's outdated and filthy internal adhesive.

When replacing a screen, the precision knife set also equips you to cut narrow strips of double-sided adhesive. While you might think that you can use any knife set for this purpose, normal knives do not achieve the same level of precision. The purchase of a precise knife set is, therefore, wise.

Precision Knife Set BrosPhoneParts

Nylon Spudger

Scissors Nylon Spudger is a fiberglass-based tool. From one manufacturer to another, its thickness varies. There are numerous variations of this tool available. For instance, you can use its various versions to tear apart multiple sections.

To remove additional silicone or glue, you can use this tool. It can also be used for soldering tasks, such as quickly and severing a wire hook from the side of a nylon spudger. It is highly useful when fixing cell phones and is typically 5-7 inches long.

Nylon Spudger BrosPhoneParts

Suction Pliers

Suction pliers are perfect for you if you own an iPhone or a phone where you have to pry up the display to get inside.

You can get tiny suction cups or pliers to pry open your phones from the cell phone repair tool kit offered by different brand names. Place one suction cup side on the screen and another on the phone's back with pliers, then press the pliers to remove the display from the phone.

When changing the battery or replacing a shattered screen, suction pliers come in handy. You should invest in them.

Suction Pliers BrosPhoneParts

Heat Gun Or Hair Dryer

Modern smartphones can be difficult to repair, especially when removing the display, because the adhesives used can be fairly strong and difficult to remove. Having a heat gun or even a hairdryer on hand will be beneficial for solving this issue. You can lessen the likelihood of harming the screen when removing the screen by applying heat directly to the adhesives.

If neither is available, you can make your rice sock. Microwave it for a few seconds and then soften the adhesives quickly, BUT do it at your own risk!

Heat Gun BrosPhoneParts

Soldering Iron - Must Be In Your Repair Tool Kit

You will also require a 50-watt soldering iron if you intend to fix your broken mobile phone yourself. This is sufficient for soldering tiny components like a diode, microphone, and other things. Pick one that is simple to grip and will not cause your hands to burn when you use it.

Look for one that includes a variety of soldering tips or bits to match what is required to fix your phone. When fixing your equipment, keep this in mind. Check if the soldering iron you plan to buy has antistatic properties. Remember that you will be working with electronic components that might break down in the presence of static.

Soldering Iron Kit BrosPhoneParts

Magnetic Mat

In our 10 Must-Have Tools For Your Phone Repair Tool Kit list, a magnetic mat is of great importance. When you open a gadget, numerous little parts and loose screws are removed, and they must be stored safely. If you do not take care of it, you will run into a lot of problems.

It prevents your little screws from falling and being misplaced. Furthermore, it has a substantial advantage. The magnetic mat features separate boxes so you can organize the parts quickly and keep track of each one. Additionally, you may label several bins with a dry-erase pen to keep things organized.

Magnetic Mat BrosPhoneParts

Fine-Tipped Curved Tweezers

Very small components make up a cell phone. Without tweezers, you cannot pick these bits.

The tweezers' curved tips make it easy to pick up and handle the small parts and screws needed in phone repairs. As a result, your repair work benefits from increased visibility, accessibility, and control.

Additionally, you can carefully remove the tape, reposition the flex cables, and loosen connections. And so, you will not have any trouble disassembling complicated components.

Curved Tweezers BrosPhoneParts

Magnifying Glass

This is one gadget you must have when repairing a mobile phone. Since mobile devices are often small, you can anticipate that the parts will be tiny. While working on the chips within your phone, a good eye is required to identify the areas that require soldering, for example.

This is where having a magnifying glass mounted on a stand will be helpful. You do not need to strain your eyes to focus on the various components of your phone because this gizmo magnifies everything. On the other hand, a jeweler's eye loupe can be used in its place if you need a portable instrument.

Magnifying Glass BrosPhoneParts

AntiStatic Brush

Normally cell phones are repaired after a prolonged period. As a result, they need to be thoroughly cleaned once you open them.

Cleaning cannot be done with any brush because doing so could harm the circuitry. Therefore, you can clean it with an anti-static brush. It effectively cleans the device's innards without dispersing charges or damaging the gadget.

Anti-Static Brush BrosPhoneParts

Final Words

Repairing your smartphone is a terrific way to save money, but if you are not careful, using the wrong tool could damage the inside hardware, crack the display, or pierce the battery pack. Make sure you have the 10 tools for your cell phone repair tool kit mentioned above if you attempt to repair your broken phone yourself.

They are made to manage the minuscule hardware components used in making a mobile phone. I hope you find these tools helpful for your mobile phone repair tool kit.

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