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Our business model is simple and centered on the businesses we serve to grow. We make sure you have the parts you need, when you need them. We offer cell phone repair stores and small retailers alike the stock of a major online wholesaler, with the accessibility and speedy service of your local vendor. All of our business practices are based in the  best interest of those who own and work in cell phone repair stores, because that's who we still are, at heart.

Customer-centric Shipping

When we started out as a cell phone repair shop, one of the biggest problems we faced was shipping. We often lost customers because our parts either took too long to arrive, or were too expensive to ship overnight. That's why we’re committed to ensuring that your business doesn’t have to do the same, through our customer-centric shipping practices.

Real Customer Service

If there is one thing we absolutely can’t stand here at BrosPhoneParts, it's having to waste valuable time being funneled through automated bots before being able to speak to a real person that can actually assist you. Save time and stress knowing that every time you call us, you will speak to a real person with real solutions. 

Quality Control

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your parts are going to work properly or possibly be damaged, thats our job- and one of our company’s core values. We take our time to make sure we inspect and/or test every single part that you’ll ever receive from us. And just in case any part ever falls through the cracks, we cover it through our all-inclusive lifetime warranty. No questions asked.

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Samsung Galaxy A10e Black 32GB (Unlocked) - Like New
Samsung Galaxy A02s (A025 / 2020) 32GB (Unlocked) - Like NewSamsung Galaxy A02s (A025 / 2020) 32GB (Unlocked) - Like New
Samsung Galaxy A02s (A025 / 2020) 32GB (Unlocked) - Like New
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Samsung Galaxy A03 Core 32GB (Unlocked) - NewSamsung Galaxy A03 Core 32GB (Unlocked) - New
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core 32GB (Unlocked) - New
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