Fixed iPhone IC Audio Problem

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices tend to have some common "signature problems". One of these signature problems is the iPhone 7’s audio issue, also called the "loop disease".

This audio problem may manifest in different ways. Sometimes, you may get a “Recording Failed” or “No Audio Devices” error notification when you try to record with the Voice Memo app. Also, sometimes, you may not be able to put your phone in loudspeaker mode.

The iPhone 7’s audio issue is believed to happen as a result of the C12 pad, the main part of the logic board located inside the iPhone, being in constant stress. By design, the audio IC chip responsible for the audio input and output of the iPhone is located in a part of the logic board that goes through a lot of bending and flexing. So, with repeated use over time, this chip gets fractured underneath, loosens and separates itself from the board like peeling nail polish.

Fixed iPhone IC Audio Problem

What happens when your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus has an Audio IC issue?

The symptoms below means your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus might have an Audio IC issue.

  • Mic and speakerphone do not work
  • Speaker button grayed out during a call
  • Voice Memo app not working
  • “Recording Failed” error
  • “No audio devices found” error
  • iPhone stuck on the Apple Logo but the home button is clickable
  • iPhone takes 5-10 minutes to boot up
  • Static noises emerging from ear speaker on calls
  • Sound doesn't record on videos
  • Siri can't hear you etc.,

How to Fix iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Audio Problem Permanently

Before everything else, it is important that you ascertain that the problem with your iPhone is indeed the Audio IC fault – so check for the symptoms listed above. Once this is confirmed, the next step is to remove the board from the housing and then locate the Audio IC chip.

Please note that the repair of the Audio IC requires advanced microsoldering proficiency to perform. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus internal circuitry is quite delicate. You may overheat the board and damage it permanently during soldering. So, we advise you let a professional handle this repair for you.

Once located, the Audio IC chip can be removed using hot air. Subsequently, the broken pads can be repaired. If these pads are not broken yet, they can be reinforced with a micro-jumper so that the board can withstand the normal creasing and bending of this area.  By doing this, the speaker and microphone issues are not just fixed, but the phone is also immunized against a future reoccurrence of this problem.