Samsung Galaxy Moisture Detection Error

It’s not uncommon to hear of cases where Samsung Galaxy users get the “Moisture detected” error even when the phone has been dried. This “Moisture detected” error interferes with charging via USB port and can be frustrating. In this article, we shall discuss how to fix the “Moisture detected” error on Galaxy S8+, S10 and other similar water-resistant devices.

What Causes the “Moisture Detected” Error in Samsung Galaxy Devices?

The “Moisture detected” error pops up when the phone’s charging port is wet. Hence, if you have recently used your device in wet or moist environment, you might get this error. If you try to plug in a charging cable to a wet port, there will be an alarm telling you to ensure that your USB port.

How to Fix Galaxy “Moisture Eetected” Error?

If you’ve been getting the “Moisture detected” on your Samsung Galaxy devices, the following steps will help you fix the issue.

Samsung Galaxy Moisture Detected Error

1. Dry Your Phone Thoroughly

    If you get the “Moisture detected” error on your device, try to clean the phone with a soft clean cloth. If this error persists, place your Galaxy device near a source of mild heat such as the back of a TV or a computer.

    You can also try to dry your wet device by burying it in uncooked rice in a sealed container for at least 40 hours. Normally, rice will absorb the moisture from the charging port during this time. Another effective alternative is to use silica gel to dry off the moisture. Ensure you seal the container and leave the device in the packs of silica gel for at least 48 hours.

    However, if you want the drying done in a shorter time, you can visit an electronics shop or repair shop that offers drying service and let them do it for you.

    2. Switch Off Your Phone and Charge

      Another fix to this issue is to try to charge your phone while it’s turned off. Before you do this, please ensure that your phone’s charging port is dry so as to prevent damaging your device. If this error persists, proceed to the next section.

      3. Switch to Safe Mode

        If you observe that you get the “Moisture detected” error after installing a new app on your device, there’s a great chance the app is responsible for this error. Uninstall the app from the device and observe if there are any changes.

        If you can’t really tell which of your apps is responsible for the trouble, you can restart your phone in safe mode. If your device charges in safe mode and the error clears, then you have installed a troublesome app.

        4. Factory Reset Your Device

          If none of the preceding tips could fix the “moisture detected” error on your phone, restoring your device to defaults can be effective. Because this is an irreversible step, please create a backup of your personal data before attempting this fix.

          5. Use Wireless Charging

            If no suggested fix has worked so far, you may have to make do with charging your device wirelessly until you have it checked at any Samsung service center.

            6. Clear USB Settings Data

              In some cases, the “moisture detected” warning may be due to a software glitch instead of a hardware issue. So, you can try to clear the data of USB Settings app to see if it works.