Samsung Note 8 Charging Problem IC Chip

No doubt, the Galaxy Note 8 has so many excellent features. The device features a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display which works with touch input and also a stylus.

In addition to having a powerful Snapdragon 835/Exynos 8895 processor at its core, the phone also has a massive 6GB RAM which facilitates its seamless multitasking capability.

Samsung Note 8 Charging Problem IC Chip

However, in spite of its exciting features, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is known for having charging issues. Fundamentally, these issues are due to several which you need to duly check for and verify before you can find a permanent solution for the issues. To fix this problem, please follow these steps.

Verify If the Charger is Faulty

Usually, the first port of call is to determine if the problem is actually not from the phone but from the charger. To do this, try to charge the device with a different Samsung charger.

So, if the phone charges with another charger, then you’ll have to closely examine your charger. If it doesn’t charge, then you’ll need an expert technician to look at your device.

Examine the Charger and Its Connecting Points

This is the next step to take if another charger could charge your device. Take a close look at your charger’s USB port and check that the cable is firm and well connected. You may remove the cable and re-insert it to see if there’s any difference. If it doesn’t, connect a different cable to your charger.

If this new cable charges your device, then you’ll need to buy a new cable. On the other hand, if this different good cable does not work with your charger, then your charger may be faulty and you should get a new one.

Check your phone’s charging port

If a different charger does not charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then your charger might be good and the problem is with your smartphone. At this point, you need to check your Note 8’s charging port. It is possible that some particles are blocking the connecting port and preventing the phone from charging. You can clean out the port and try charging again. However, if the port is clean but your device still won’t charge, then your phone may have a firmware problem.

Try Charging Your Phone in Safe Mode

It’s possible that your phone’s inability to charge may be due to a third-party software you’ve installed on your phone. Try to run your phone in safe mode and see if it charges. If it does, then it surely means that your phone’s charging issue is due to a software glitch.

  1. To boot up your Note 8 in safe mode:
  2. Turn off the phone
  3. Hold down the power button until ‘SAMSUNG’ appears on the screen, then release
  4. Hold down the Volume down key immediately until the device finishes restarting
  5. Release the Volume down key when “Safe Mode” is displayed at the bottom left corner of your device.
  6. Now try charging your device.

If your phone charges in the safe mode, then you may need to restore it to factory settings which wipes out every third-party app. Ensure to back up your important information before doing the factory reset.

Return Your Phone to Apple or See a Certified Technician

If the above troubleshooting steps still cannot fix your phone’s charging problem, then this issue may likely be caused by a faulty hardware component especially the power IC. Then your next option is to return your phone to an Apple service center and have it examined by a certified technician.